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Aberdeen Branch Event - School Readiness v. Life Readiness - What this REALLY means

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In this presentation we will explore what actually matters for our children, how we can support children and families in a meaningful way to be ready for life and therefore also for the transition to more formal education. We will look at the dispositions, knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable children to participate, to be ready for learning and to succeed in a school environment. This is even more important now than ever before.

This event will take place on Monday, 26 April, 2021.


Members free - Non Members £10.00 - Students £5.00. Members - please use the code EEABERDEEN to receive the 100% discount.

Speaker Biography:

Niki Buchan (International Educational Consultant) has vast experience working directly with children in many different capacities for more than 35 years. She works internationally and has been invited to work in the UK, USA, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark and South Africa. She is an outspoken advocate for children’s holistic health and wellbeing and their right to be heard and listened to in matters that affect them. Niki is the mother of 4 adult children and 2 delightful grandchildren, an adventurer, author, and keen photographer.

Monday, 26 April, 2021
7.00- 8.30pm (approx. finish time)
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