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Branch events

Our local branches hold regular events, most of which are open to both members and non-members.  Some take place in settings to give you an opportunity to look around and swap ideas.  They are fantastic value for money - especially if you or your setting are members.  See the page for your local branch, or browse the full list of upcoming events below.

21 Mar 2019

Reclaiming the EYFS – Clearing the Fog!

Location: Sheffield

Trainer: Helen Moylett

21 Mar 2019

The Power of Puppets

Location: London

Trainer: Early Education London Branch

23 Mar 2019

Interacting or Interfering?

Location: Cheshire

Trainer: Julie Fisher

15 Apr 2019

Not just smaller, but different

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Dr Sam Wass

27 Apr 2019

Get your magnifying glass, we are STEM Detectives

Location: York

Trainer: Niki Buchan

05 May 2019


Location: Hertfordshire

Trainer: Anne O'Connor

14 May 2019

'Play IS the Child’

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Niki Buchan

15 May 2019

Understanding the world

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Kathryn Solly

09 Oct 2019

Supporting children's language development using evidence base language approaches

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Sandra Mathers

13 May 2020

Enjoying music together

Location: Oxfordshire

Trainer: Nicola Burke