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Branch events

Our local branches hold regular events, most of which are open to both members and non-members.  Some take place in settings to give you an opportunity to look around and swap ideas.  They are fantastic value for money - especially if you or your setting are members.  See the page for your local branch, or browse the full list of upcoming events below.

30 Jan 2020

Developing an Ethos of Resilience with Young Children

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Jillian Harrison-Longworth

04 Feb 2020

Developing concepts to aid mathematical thinking

Location: Darlington

Trainer: Leslie Patterson

05 Feb 2020

Play to Learn More

Location: Dungannon

Trainer: Kierna Corr and Jill Somerville

19 Feb 2020

Final Course Projects by Froebel Students

Location: Edinburgh and The Lothians

Trainer: Presentations by Froebel Students

29 Feb 2020

Getting it Right in the EYFS: Key messages from the review & Exploring the notion of Hybrid Pedagogy

Location: Midlands

Trainer: Chris Pascal & Tony Betram

05 Mar 2020

Developing School Readiness with Parents

Location: Oxfordshire

Trainer: Kathryn Peckham

07 Mar 2020

Annual Cumbria Conference - Playing To Learn

Location: Carlisle & Eden

Trainer: Neil Griffiths

Trainer: Greg Bottrill

14 Mar 2020

Developing our understanding of the Characteristics of Effective Learning

Location: York & District

Trainer: Helen Moylett

26 Mar 2020

The Fascination of Enquiry

Location: Hertfordshire

12 May 2020

Building the Foundations for Early Mathematics

Location: Carlisle & Eden

Trainer: Imogen Bibby

13 May 2020

Enjoying Music Together

Location: Oxfordshire

Trainer: Nicola Burke

13 May 2020

Enjoying music together

Location: Oxfordshire

Trainer: Nicola Burke