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The Cheshires

About The Cheshires Branch

The branch supports all those working in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. The branch holds a termly committee meeting and a Saturday morning conference each term.

Our plans for the year include sessions on:

18th November 2017 - Behaviour - with Tamsin Grimmer

Our past events include:

March 2015 - 'Your Numbers Up' with Elaine Bennett

July 2015 - Outdoors Workshops at Norton Priory

November 2015 - Jabadao

23rd April 2016 - Every Child a Mover in the Outdoors - with Jan White

2nd July 2016 - 'Achieving Excellence' in the Early Years - with Laura Henry

19th November 2016 - Focus on 2 year olds and disadvantaged children - with Penny Tassoni

30th March 2017 - Endless Possibility Play - with Mandy Monk

1st July 2017 - The Theory of Loose Parts - with Lynda Ray

Further details to come in due course.

The Cheshires Branch Team

Chair: Rosie Hoyle
Secretary: Sheila Little
Treasurer: Cath Davies

Past events

19 Nov

Getting It Right For Two Year Olds

Speaker(s): Penny Tassoni

02 Jul

'Achieving Excellence' in the Early Years

Speaker(s): Laura Henry

23 Apr

Every Child a Mover in the Outdoors

Speaker(s): Jan White

28 Mar

Your Numbers Up! Everyday maths through everyday provision

Speaker(s): Elaine Bennett

22 Mar

We ​don’t ​play ​with ​guns ​here!

Speaker(s): Penny Holland