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About Sunderland Branch

Sunderland branch was re-launched in 2008.  There is a small committee of interested early years professionals who meet every six to eight weeks to plan the termly events.

The branch holds an event each term, between 5.30 and 7.00pm with a speaker and refreshments. Speakers are chosen for their appeal to a wide range of early years professionals and have included:

Phil Andre speaking about cultural diversity and multiculturalism,

Emma Pace and Chris Holmes speaking about the Sightlines Initiative early years projects,

Linda Lines, independent outdoors consultant, speaking about outdoor developments.

Our upcoming events include:

Further details of upcoming events to be released in due course.

Our past events include:

12th October 2016 - Flo Culture: Music - with Louise Taylor and Bridie Jackson-Pearce

30th November 2016 - Play, Learning and Thinking: Making Connections - with Helen Moylett

3rd December 2016 - Talk for Maths mastery – Making links and maintaining the momentum of children’s development and learning - with Di Chilvers

15th February 2017 - Early Years Visit - with Sarah Dixon-Jones

25th March 2017 - A visit to the Barn at Easington - with Nicola Balfour

4th April 2017 - Hook into a book - with Jackie Phillips

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May 2017 - Early Education National conference to be held in Sunderland University, in conjunction with Sunderland Branch.

September 2017 - Celebrating other cultures; Experiences in Swaziland - with Margaret Parsons

8th November 2017 - Attachment and wellbeing - with Steph Green

21st March 2018 - Ofsted Report ‘Bold Beginnings’ - with HMI Lee Owston

19th May 2018 - Resilience: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences - with Dr Wendy Thornley

27th September 2018 - Sunderland well-being charter - with Catherine Barnett & Anne Loadman

6th October 2018 - Froebelian principles and practice: why they are still relevant today? - with Dr. Stella Louis

Sunderland Branch Team

Chair: Kay Rooks
Treasurer: Joan Brown


Past events

06 Oct 2018

Froebelian principles and practice: why they are still relevant today?

Speaker(s): Dr. Stella Louis

27 Sep 2018

Sunderland well-being charter

Speaker(s): Catherine Barnett & Anne Loadman

19 May 2018

Resilience: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

Speaker(s): Dr Wendy Thornley

21 Mar 2018

Ofsted Report ‘Bold Beginnings’

Speaker(s): HMI Lee Owston

08 Nov 2017

Attachment and Wellbeing

Speaker(s): Steph Green