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Calm, alert and ready to learn - self regulation in the early years

Thursday, 14 October, 2021

Course description

Understanding how children develop the ability to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviour is a key to promoting strong social, emotional development as well providing the foundations for children’s capacity as life long learners.   This two-part course will empower and leaders and practitioners to use their knowledge about self regulation to take informed, intelligent and highly effective action to support children to develop self regulation and become "calm, alert and ready to learn" and to increase children’s ability to regulate their emotions and their behaviour.   The course content is drawn from research from international sources such as the Harvard Centre for the Developing Child and the Mehrit Centre. This will be used to enhance the participants understanding and confidence.    This course will enable you to:
  • understand the importance of the development of self-regulation as a key skill for learning and development 
  • explore the aspects of early child development which contribute to the establishment of self-regulation 
  • look at the links between self-regulation and other executive functions of the developing brain for supporting resilience, wellbeing and good mental health 
  • explore effective approaches, which can support children to develop emotional and behavioural regulation. 
  The webinar will take place on the following dates and times:
  • Session 1: 14th October, 4pm-5.30pm
  • Session 2: 21st October, 4pm-5.30pm

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