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Characteristics of Effective Learning course series

with Julie Fisher, Nancy Stewart and Kym Scott

Book now for our series of three linked sessions, one covering each of the characteristics of effective learning, led by three of the UK's leading early years experts.

Creative and Critical Thinking: challenging children’s ideas and understanding

with Julie Fisher - 19th October 2016

This course examines one of the EYFS key characteristics of early learning. It considers the differences between creative and critical thinking and explores what provokes children to think in these different ways. Through the use of DVD material it will enable practitioners to consider the impact of resources, the environment and their interactions on children’s thinking, reasoning and understanding.

Issues addressed:

  • Creative and Critical thinking – what are the differences between them?
  • How do children demonstrate creative and critical thinking?
  • What provokes children’s thinking?
  • Having their own ideas/Making links/Choosing ways to do things
  • Planting an idea rather than interrogating with questions
  • Interactions that support creative and critical thinking

The Power of Play - Ensuring challenge and progression through child initiated learning in the EYFS

with Kym Scott - 8th November 2016

Explore the vital role of play in young children’s learning during this exciting and interactive course.

  • Hear the evidence linking play based learning to the highest outcomes for children, and understand the theory behind this
  • Learn how to provide challenging, open ended play experiences which extend children’s thinking and encourage the highest levels of motivation and engagement
  • Consider the key role of the adult in sensitively supporting and extending children’s self- initiated learning
  • Explore how to develop a rich environment indoors and outdoors, that maximises the potential for learning at the highest levels
  • Gain a multitude of ideas for ways of supporting children’s academic learning through exciting, play based experiences that can be cheaply and easily provided
  • See numerous visual examples of inspiring practice from schools and settings that have been judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted
  • Leave feeling inspired, informed and confident to teach young children the way they learn best

Target audience: nursery and reception teachers, nursery and reception practitioners, teaching assistants, nursery managers, EYFS leaders, subject leaders, senior leaders

Active Learning

with Nancy Stewart - 16th March 2017

As one of the three Characteristics of Effective Learning, Active Learning holds a central place in firmly putting the child in the driving seat as the agent of their own learning.  A strong learner holds a basket of attributes that work together to support lifelong success:

  • a growth mindset
  • high motivation toward goals that are rewarding for their own sake
  • deep involvement, perseverance, seeking and enjoying challenge, bouncing back from difficulty.

Children are powerful learners from birth, but adults play a crucial role in supporting children to maintain their self-belief and motivation to learn. 

This course will outline theories of motivation, and explore implications for practice in the way we interact with children and the opportunities we provide in the early years. 

Nancy Stewart is author of the best selling book How children learn: the characteristics of effective early learning - now also available in ebook format.

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