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Community of practice

Join our community to talk about teaching 

Come and join our exciting community of practice twilight sessions. They are currently held in London but watch this space for more locations.

  • Do you long for time to reflect and share?
  • Have you ever wanted to share or gain ideas?
  • Do you wonder about how to do things in early years?
  • Could you benefit from hearing from other people's practice wisdom?
  • Are you trying to find out about something but you don't have the time to ask?
  • Do you think that talking about teaching would enhance your professional practice?
  • Do you need to talk with other professional early years people to discover more about your pedagogy?
  • Do you often feel that you need a chance to share and grapple with issues or questions you have about practice? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then our community of practice will be just what you need!

Talk about teaching is for everyone involved and interested in early years: practitioners, parents, carers, students, leaders and teachers who want to come together to share, learn, self-improve, self-reflect and encourage one another and talk about teaching. Everyone is welcome to attend. Whether you are a member or not, you are welcome to come and join the conversation. 

The community of practice is for you

  • to have an opportunity to talk about teaching
  • to discover a place where you can reflect on your pedagogy and practice 
  • to grow, develop and think professionally and pedagogically
  • to be in a safe space where for one hour you can step back, reflect and re-energise
  • to be able to share and receive professional, pedagogical input

What will we do during the session?

Our sessions are not specifically led or taught. Instead they are hosted, in order to faciliate conversation, discussion, sharing and reflection. You would come to take part in the community of practice, not to receive specific, structured input. However, there are journal articles, research papers and content that are prepared and shared to support pedagogy, stimulate discussion, provoke enquiry and support reflection. The sessions are formulated around the community and what each person brings. The agenda for the hour is set through conversation at the start of the session. 

What is the next London session focusing on?

Our next session will be on Friday 30th June 2017. You can book on the events page. 

It will be focusing on Ending well: reflecting on your journey this academic year.

Reflective questions around this might be

  • What were the positives and not-so-positives?
  • What have you learnt, what are you questioning and still learning?
  • Where has this year taken you?
  • How have you grown professionally and pedagogically?
  • What are your new challenges?
  • How will you finish well at the end of this term?
  • How can you plan to rest and invest in your wellbeing?

Principles for our community of practice

  • we show respect for all
  • we all listen and have a right to be listened to 
  • we all have a right to an opinion
  • we can be kind even if we have different pedagogical opinions
  • the detail and content of our discussions are confidential and stay in the room
  • we start and finish on time

For more information

Members can visit our Pedagogic Pages to find out more. Alternatively you can email or book a session on the events page. Look out for Community of practices in other locations..... coming soon!

Links for further information and reading

Cathy Gunning is Pedagogic Lead at Early Education. She is an accredited coach mentor with the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Hertfordshire