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‘British’ Values and the Early Years?

The EYFS requirement to have an Equal Opportunities Policy may have disappeared last year, only to be replaced by some quite confusing expectations placed on settings about ‘actively promoting British Values’.  And Ofsted have been asked specifically to look into this in every school or setting they inspect.  What does all this mean in practical terms for early childhood settings and the early years in schools? What should leaders, managers and practitioners be doing? 
This course clarifies the expectations and through ensure you exceed expectations and work in ways that truly foster shared values, build positive supportive relationships, challenge negative attitudes, celebrate diversity and develop inclusion even further. 

Course Objectives
This course will provide you with hands-on practical strategies to you:
• develop and demonstrate shared underpinning values
• involve parents and build stronger partnerships
• deal with tricky issues and discussions
• evaluate what you do well, help you demonstrate your values, celebrate success and decide what more might be needed
• develop practical strategies for helping children develop mutual respect and their own self-esteem, tolerance and inclusiveness, and their understanding of other people and the world around
• keep your equal opportunities and smsc policies and practices alive and actively promoted

Trainer: Vicky Hutchin

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