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Attachment & Key People

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to:

  1. learn about the connection between brain development and early relationships in a fun and accessible way
  2. explore attachment theory and how this impacts on early years practice
  3. consider the role of key person and attachment and consider ways to build a secure base for children
  4. think about the challenges they face in their key person role and to consider practical yet effective solutions
  5. think about strategies for strong parent partnership
  6. develop a repertoire of practices that support a whole team approach to key person and attachment practices

Every child deserves the benefits that a meaningful relationship can bring. As a key person, your responsibility is to provide a secure base from which growth, exploration and resilience can occur. This course provides you with the underpinning theory of brain development and attachment and also offers a range of strategies and practices that will empower you and the child.

Trainer: Kerry Payne

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