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Being Mathematical Outdoors: mathematical learning in the outdoor environment

“Young children need to learn about mathematical concepts through their bodies in practical experiences that make sense to them” Jan White, Maths Outdoors (2005)

The outdoor environment is rich in possibilities for engaging and meaningful encounters with maths, allowing children to learn in ways that suit them best. Young children need to use their whole bodies to gain intuitive understandings of mathematical ideas through deeply-felt experiences.  Using images of outdoor play from across the UK and abroad, this course will enable practitioners to draw out the mathematical potential in a wide range of stimulating and rewarding outdoor provision.
During the course participants will;

  • examine the potential of the special nature of the outdoors for enabling mathematical behaviour
  • explore how, what young children naturally do in rich play outdoors, provides them with firm foundations for being mathematical
  • consider how adults can unlock the potential in any outdoor space to offer children motivational ways of being, feeling and thinking mathematically.

Note: Participants will need to dress for working outdoors for part of the day.

Trainer: Jan White

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