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Brain architecture and early childhood development

Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Extend their understanding of the importance of healthy brain development on future outcomes for children.
  • Consider key messages in research and recent reports on the vital importance of early child development and early experiences.
  • Explore the EYFS Characteristics of Learning and how these can be understood in the light of child development , particularly early brain development.

The importance of early experiences and relationships in shaping the emotional wellbeing and future development of babies and toddlers is now recognised and supported by a range of research and evidence.

This professional development event will promote and encourage reflection and discussion of scientific research, child development and supporting best practice of practitioners working with babies and 2 year olds. The day will provide the opportunity to make links and connect the importance of earliest child development and will also support practitioners to gain enhanced knowledge and understanding for ‘Tuning into two year olds.’

Audience: Early Years staff in PVI settings, Children’s Centres, schools or any early years and childcare environment in the community who are working with babies or under 3;s and their parents.

Trainer: Julie Revels

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Early childhood development