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Breaking Language Down - Promoting Children’s Understanding

Course description:

Language development is a central concern in the education field, particularly following the recent pandemic. The new curriculum guidance and government priorities focus on language development as a precursor of children’s academic progress and a foundation for better life outcomes.

Understanding is a major component of language processing, both on a curriculum and social level. However, many children who have difficulty in this area of language are often not promptly identified in our educational settings, particularly when they are verbal.

During the course, we will:

  • Look at the role of understanding in language development
  • Consider some of the main difficulties and behaviours that children with delayed understanding  present
  • Plan support strategies to enhance understanding
  • Investigate what services to refer to for further support and guidance

Links to Early Years and SEND guidance: Birth to 5 Matters 2021 (Personal Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language); SEND Code of Practice 2015 (‘The Graduated Approach’ points 5.36-5.46 and 6.44-6.56).

Audience: All Practitioners in Early Years PVI Settings and Schools  

Trainer: Carla Cornelius

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Communication and Language