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Conversations Matter! The role of the adult in extending children’s language and communication in the early years

In her role as leader of the early years team in Lewisham, it has been Kym’s consistent experience that the best early years practitioners are those who understand the importance of supporting children’s language development through play and practical experience, and by engaging in high quality conversations with them.

This session will draw upon key research around children’s communication and language and implications for practice. Effective strategies will be provided for supporting children who are operating below typical levels, as well as ways of challenging and extending children who have a strong foundation in this area.

This session will:

  • Explore the key elements that make for high quality interactions with children.
  • Highlight the range of talk experiences that children should be involved in.
  • Provide a supportive structure to enable practitioners to plan appropriately for these elements
  • Focus on the importance of tuning into and building upon children’s thinking
  • Inspire practitioners to scaffold children’s language through challenging play and practical  experiences which incorporate the passions of young children.

Target audience: Teaching assistants, HLTAs, NQTs, Nursery and Reception teachers, EYFS leaders, English Subject Leaders, Senior Management, Education Consultants

Trainer: Kym Scott

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Developing children’s early language and literacy
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