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Count on it: moving children's mathematical learning forward in the EYFS

This exciting, interactive session will focus on extending children's learning in mathematics through engaging them in meaningful practical experiences involving play and exploration. It will focus on the important role of the adult and on developing a learning environment which promotes all aspects of mathematical development. The core theme of the session will be tuning into children's interests and everyday activities and building mathematical opportunities around these. 

This course will:

•      Give opportunities to consider meaningful ways for capturing and recording children’s mathematical knowledge and understanding

•      Introduce a range of rich and challenging play based experiences designed to enhance children’s mathematical learning

•      Share inspiring visual images showing how other schools have developed mathematically rich learning environments 

Target audience: Teaching assistants, HLTAs, NQTs, Nursery and Reception teachers, EYFS leaders, Maths Subject Leaders, Senior Management, Education Consultants, staff working in settings

Trainer: Kym Scott

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Maths in Early Years