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Creating Emotionally Enabling Environments for Two Year Olds

Delegates will have opportunities to understand:

  • How experiences, emotions and feelings shape brains: particular focus on two year olds.
  • Possible effect on brain neurology of unintentional emotional overload by being in a setting. What do two year olds need?
  • Understand importance of adults’ emotional states: how we feel affects babies and toddlers. Relationship between practitioner emotional health and creating emotionally healthy environments for young children.
  • Practitioner’s role in helping very young children process emotions through the environment they create. Centrality of relationships and interactions with very young children for infant mental health.
  • Practical ways to create emotionally healthy environments for young children.

Audience: Practitioners, early years managers, health visitors, psychologists, family support workers, 

Trainer: Veronica Lawrence

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Early childhood learning environments
Two year olds