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Creativity and the young child

The ability to be creative and think critically are valuable, life-enhancing characteristics, but how do they develop? And how can they be nurtured within an early years environment?   This session will reflect on some of the background theory behind creativity, and offer a range of practical tools to support this further. The course runs either online as a half-day or face to face as a one-day training.

This session will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • reflect on the different qualities that contribute to creativity and creative thinking
  • discuss how these can be fostered personally, and for the children and setting 
  • review the changes to the EYFS reforms, and the new goal of self-regulation
  • consider which areas of practice to prioritise, in order to support these dispositions further. 

A simple reflective tool will be provided to support the assessment of children's creativity and creative thinking

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Trainer: Anni McTavish