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Documenting Learning and Making Visible Children’s Thinking

Aims and objectives:

Documenting and making learning visible is a process that begins with our values and beliefs of what we think is possible with young children.  This course draws upon international research and practice that enables participants to explore a way of observing, interpreting and documenting young children’s learning that opens up to rich opportunities to help us decide how best to be alongside of children.

  • Learn about the importance of multiple perspectives and interpretation
  • Explore what makes a photograph (or a series of photographs) effective in communicating learning
  • Discover how to use documentation as part of the reflective cycle of learning
  • See how this can look like when working with young children with rich examples and case studies from everyday practice.

Audience:  All educators and leaders working in ECE interested in finding out more about pedagogical documentation that makes learning visible.

Trainer: Debi Keyte-Hartland

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Observing and Documenting Children's Learning