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Evaluating and developing your practice

Reflective practice and self evaluation are not just essential in preparing for Ofsted inspections – they are key tools in ensuring your provision is of the highest quality, a place where every child is able to learn and progress.  Vicky has been involved in running action research projects as well as using Ferre Laever’s scales of involvement and wellbeing for many years.   The processes discussed on the course are not quick fixes, so the course provides guidance on how to build regular self evaluation tools into everyday practice across your setting. The course will be tailored to the specific needs of the setting/school.  Follow-up support sessions after the initial training can also be provided.

This course will

  • help you put reflective practice at the heart of your provision
  • help you see the potential of action research for deepening understanding about learning and teaching and invigorating practice
  • introduce a variety of tools for evaluating practice, including scales of involvement and well being
  • help you set up your own action research project

Trainer: Vicky Hutchin

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Self-evaluation leading to sustained self-improvement