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I Am Two: are you ready for me?


To enable practitioners working with two-year-olds to:

  • understand more about the development of two-year- olds’ brains and bodies and the implications for their own interactions and the environments they provide
  • explore the adult role in positive relationships and enabling environments for two year olds
  • think about appropriate resources to develop two year olds schematic development


  • The sessions will be a mix of input and active learning, including video clips and case studies, enabling participants to gain new knowledge, work with colleagues and reflect on their own practice. 


  • Structured reflection  within activities including self-evaluation of  current strengths, areas for development and next steps 
  • Course evaluations

Session Outline

  • Thinking with two-year-olds – understanding the two-year-old mind – brain development 
  • Positive Relationships
  • Two year old watching : the importance of repetition – schemas 
  • Resources for supporting learning 
  • Evaluation of current indoor and outdoor practice and provision 
  • Identifying lessons learned and next steps

Trainer: Helen Moylett

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Early childhood development
Two year olds