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I am two! Working effectively with two year olds and their families

I am two! Working effectively with two year olds and their families


  • To increase our understanding of the important developments that occur around two years old
  • To build confidence in our connections with and support of the parents and families of our two year olds

This exciting and interactive course will bring alive the possibilities and challenges of keeping up with two year olds! There is exploration of the needs of two year olds, the amazing transformations which take place and the importance of high quality interactions. The parent’s perspective is highlighted and the ways in which practitioners can engage with families in a positive but manageable way. In addition there is consideration of the 2 year check and it’s role in early identification of children’s needs and the possibly early interventions which may be appropriate.

Included in the full day course:

  • Early brain development and neuroscience perspective
  • Understanding how twos are learning about the world
  • A two year old perspective on relationships
  • Why pretend and role play are so important for our twos
  • The adults at home and in the setting – how to work more closely together

Trainer: Kay Mathieson

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Behaviour, relationships and interaction
Two year olds