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Infant Musicality - Songs and musical activities to share and enjoy with babies

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Learn about studies of infants’ musical abilities and research into singing with young children, how it can regulate infant’s states and how it can communicate emotional information
  • Explore and discuss how young children can communicate through musical behaviour and have musical preferences.
  • Explore and discuss Communicative Musicality - a term used to describe the intrinsic musical nature of human interaction.
  • Further their understanding of Infant Directed Speech, (commonly referred to as motherese and fatherese)
  • Learn songs and gain information as to how and why songs and activities are beneficial for young children’s musical and overall development. 

The songs and activities can be used within settings as well as 1-1 in the home environment between childminders/ parents and children. 

Audience: All Early Childhood Educators

Trainer: Nicola Burke

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