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Inspired by Babies

Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Understand the impact of all experiences during a babies first few months and years and the role early years practitioners have on these.
  • Develop an improved understanding of early child development.
  • Understand that brain development, relationships and communication are key to offering high quality provision.
  • Improve practice in developing close, responsive and respectful relationships with children and their parents as a key person.
  •  Recognise the value of reflection and self-awareness as fundamental in contributing to well being when working with very young children.
  • Be able to offer consistent, individualised and attuned responses to babies in meeting their needs.

‘Inspired by Babies’ is the outcome of a 5-year project developed and tested by early years professionals with a passion for caring for babies and toddlers. Participants will be provided with opportunities for reflection upon current practice and develop insights into what constitutes high quality experiences and relationships to support future holistic development of all children. The programme aims to empower practitioners to prioritise their positive relationships with the babies, children and their parents. Theoretical knowledge is shared and put in context of everyday practice

The sessions include;

  • The child so far; development and experiences
  • Brain development and early experiences
  • Attachment relationships and the key person
  • Attunement and building empathy and resilience
  • Early communication
  • Physical development

The sessions will be supported by DVD clips, discussion papers and presentations as well as time to share experiences and develop ideas to improve current practice.

This is traditionally run as a two day course.

Audience: Early Years staff in PVI settings, Children’s Centres, schools or any early years and childcare environment in the community who are working with babies or under 3;s and their parents.

Trainer: Julie Revels

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