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An introduction to social, emotional and mental health needs


  • Understand the range of social emotional and mental health needs of children and young people
  • Consider the barriers to learning these needs may lead to
  • Explore the importance of understanding attachment as part of a successful approach to teaching and learning
  • Consider approaches which can support children and young people with SEMH needs

Using the Code of Practice (2015) and other relevant guidance the training will explore and develop the participants understanding of social, emotional and mental health needs and the impact they have on learning on a day-to-day basis. There will be opportunities to explore core elements of practical approaches, which support effective learning for children and young people with SEMH needs and also how to encourage a positive emotional climate for learning for all pupils.

The sessions will be underpinned by the growing evidence from neuroscience in relation to children's early experience and how it shapes social, emotional wellbeing, as well a looking at the importance of attachment relationships and the role this plays in each child’s’ experiences.

Session 1 am

·        Introduction to and history of, how social, emotional and mental health needs have been defined and understood

·        Overview of how early development and experiences shape the social, emotional foundations for future development.

Session 2 am

·        A brief introduction to the importance of attachment in relation to teaching and learning.

·        Consideration of the behavioural cues and clues which may indicate that a child/young person is struggling to learn due to barriers associated with their social emotional well being.

Session 3 pm

·        The role of key adults in supporting children’s social, emotional and mental health needs.

·        Consideration of what approaches are effective in establishing a positive emotionally aware and supportive environment for learning.

Session 4 pm

·        Planning to support young children with social, emotional and mental health needs using a person centred approach

·        Additional resources and sources of support

Trainer: Julie Revels

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