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Making Marks: communication and expressing through children’s graphicacy

Course outline

This course explores how children’s mark-making (or graphicacy) is a form of communication in and of itself that is capable of expressing and making meaning with others.  During this course we will unpick how children:

  • develop the skills of graphicacy within a context of meaning-making
  • consider how young children communicate ideas and thinking through graphicacy (including     Mathematical thinking)
  • explore the generative contexts that support rich communication and expression of ideas and thinking in practice
  • Leave with ideas of how to rethink children’s writing/mark-making areas and be able to share the theory with others of how re-thinking mark-making as ‘graphicacy within the context of communication and expression’ can help support your own children in your context

Audience:  All educators and leaders working in ECE interested in developing richer contexts for young children’s mark-making.

Trainer: Debi Keyte-Hartland

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Mark-Making and Children's Graphicacy