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Moving Together

Aims and objectives:

This course offers practical ideas and related pedagogy and theory to develop the role of movement and dance within settings.  Participants will explore different types of movement and dance experiences and learn why they are crucial to a child’s overall development. The course will be practical, interactive, and requires no previous knowledge or experience of dance. 

Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • consider why moving is a crucial part of a child’s overall development including Brain development and Sensory Integration, Relationship building, Sense of Self and Attachment Theory and how these relate to EYFS. (ref: Bowlby)
  • practically explore a Choreographic Toolkit
  • consider Movement and Dance Opportunities, identifying different types of opportunities e.g. Moving as a group, spontaneous movement interactions and conversations.
  • explore the role of the adult – identifying related pedagogy and strategies to support and enable and/or witness dance and movement work.

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Trainer: Peppy Hills

Dance, Movement & Physicality