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Music and Stories to Support Communication and Language

Audience: All Early Years practitioners

Sharing stories and music is arguably the primary method we have of passing culture on to our children.  Including stories in our early years music making enriches the activity immeasurably. This practical workshop is about how to bring the story out in our songs and how to put music into our stories.

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Learn new highly tellable and memorable stories and story songs
  • Learn ways to encourage children’s own stories and story play
  • Learn about acting out stories and how music can help
  • Think about telling stories without books – creating magic and shiny eyes in the room
  • Discuss the usefulness or otherwise of props and costumes
  • Gain a mental toolbox of basic story elements and structures and see how this helps with an improvisatory approach to story telling and making

The CD/ROM that accompanies this course was made with Pie Corbett and forms part of the Early Years element of his Talk for Writing project.

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Trainer: Steve Grocott

Communication and Language