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Musical Development Matters

This one day course is accompanied by Musical Development Matters, a brand new free guidance available from September 2018. The guidance has been written to complement the current Development Matters guidance. The course not only introduces participants to the guidance but also demonstrates how easily music can be incorporated into any early childhood setting without practitioners needing any previous musical knowledge or experience. This course is workshop style, fun and informative, exploring ways in which music compliments and contributes to all areas of learning and development.

Aims and objectives - participants will have opportunities to:

  • Become familiar with the Musical Development Matters guidance
  • Explore the free online Musical Development Matters resource
  • Learn songs to share and enjoy with babies and children
  • Discover musical games and activities
  • Explore children’s musical development
  • Develop an understanding of how music threads through all areas of learning and development
  • Gain ideas as to how to nurture the natural musicality of children
  • Observe children’s musical play and discuss how to nurture, and interact with children’s music making
  • Discuss audio environments and how to make use of recorded music effectively
  • Explore musical environments and how to create music making opportunities
  • Discuss effective planning for musical activities and opportunities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage; supporting all areas of learning through music.

Audience: All Early Childhood Educators

Trainer: Nicola Burke

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