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Nurturing Creativity Through Expressive Arts and Design

This inspiring course will help you to reflect on the broad range of experiences that fall under the expressive arts and design umbrella. From early explorations of media and materials, to expressing ideas creatively and imaginatively, the arts provide unique opportunities for babies and children’s learning and development. 

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their knowledge and understanding about different media and materials, and the many possibilities to support children’s ideas and thinking through art and design.
  • Review practice using an art and design assessment tool, and consider ways they might develop their curriculum further to offer depth and progression for all children.  
  • Take part in a variety of enjoyable, practical activities to inspire new ideas for different ages back in their settings.
  • Reflect on how art and design, as well as being important in its own right, can also support and enhance all other areas of the EYFS.

Reference will be made to the EYFS, 2017 and the new Education Inspection Framework, 2019.

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Trainer: Anni McTavish

Art education
arts & design