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Organising the Learning Day

This course is designed to help teachers to plan for, assess and support adult-led and child-led learning. It will address how the learning day is organised to optimise children’s preferred ways of learning whilst meeting external agendas. It will consider the importance of the environment in consolidating and provoking children’s learning and the crucial role of the adult in supporting the learning process.

Delegates will have the opportunity to consider:

  • how to establish an environment that promotes learning and encourages independence; 
  • the purpose of play and how to plan for play alongside adult-led learning;
  • how to plan a curriculum that accommodates children’s interests as well as meeting the teacher’s objectives;  
  • the role of the teacher and other adults in supporting children’s learning in both adult-led and child-led situations; 
  • how to assess children’s attainment and progress as part of the learning day and how to utilise these assessments in their planning

Trainer: Julie Fisher

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