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Overcoming Shyness and Selective Mutism

Children’s communication and language development is fundamental to all other areas of learning, but in particular links closely with personal, social and emotional development. Confidence, self-esteem and social skills has a significant impact on children’s ability to communicate. Children who experience shyness, selective mutism or social anxiety, will find communication and interactions very challenging. This course will support practitioners to:

  • consider reasons why some children are reluctant or unable to speak
  • develop their understanding of what selective mutism is
  • examine the factors that may contribute to selective mutism and shyness
  • consider strategies to support children with chronic shyness and selective mutism, as well as to discuss strategies that are not helpful
  • consider a range of practical ideas to support all children’s communication and language development
  • explore ways in which parents and practitioners can work together

Trainer: Penny Cartwright

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Communication and Language