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Participatory pedagogy for transformational practice

In recent years children’s rights to participate in matters that affect them the most has risen in prominence in research, policy, and in particular practice. Yet implementation of children’s rights can be the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of professional practice. This course challenges educators toreflect on their current practice to examine how and in what ways their practice is shaped from the child’s perspectives. 

Incorporating knowledge and understanding gained from the practitioners own experiences of working with children, the course is aimed at those individuals who wish to seek approaches associated with empowerment, self-efficacy, and giving ‘voice’ to young children.

Exploring pedagogy in participation (Formisinho & Pascal, 2016), this training asks educators to reflect on situations in which relationships and interaction are sustained via joint activities and experiences to develop approaches that are responsive to the perspectives of children.

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to: 

  • Define Praxeological principles (Pascal & Bertram, 2009; 2012) 
  • Obtain an understanding of pedagogy in participation (Formisinho & Pascal, 2016) as a means of exploring the practitioners own cultural knowledge about the children they work with.
  • Explore some of the ways that educators can use their existing knowledge to construct new meanings with young children. 

Trainer: Sharon Colilles

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Participatory pedagogy for transformational practice