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Positive Relationships: Praise versus Encouragement

Course Outline:


  • There are two different theories on how children learn, both socially and cognitively; these are behaviourist and constructivist. In this workshop we will take a mix of practice, theory and research to explore a `what works best’ approach as described in the EYFS Development Matters – Characteristics of Effective Learning.


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the effects of using extrinsic motivation (praise and rewards) with children
  • Explain the rationale for using encouragement
  •  Discuss strategies which are useful when encouraging without praising
  • Reflect on what makes a learner

This is available as a half-day course.

Audience: EY Practitioners working with children birth – 60+ months, PVI settings/schools, Childminders, Independent and maintained schools

Trainer: Monica Wiltshire

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Positive Relationships