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Rethinking behaviour support in schools and settings: Developing a relationship based approach to promoting positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing in the EYFS

During this session practitioners will: 

  • Explore the reasons why children behave in undesirable ways, and what they may be trying to communicate
  • Consider the key elements that impact on children's emotional well-being and behaviour in the school or setting.
  • Hear about the latest research and evidence in relation to self-regulation and how this can be applied to understanding, supporting and changing children’s behaviour. 
  • Gain specific strategies for promoting positive behaviour in the setting and helping children to manage their own behaviour and resolve conflicts that occur.

Target audience: Teaching assistants, HLTAs, NQTs, Nursery and Reception teachers, EYFS leaders, English Subject Leaders, Senior Management, Education Consultants

Trainer: Kym Scott

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Behaviour and relationships
Behaviour, relationships and interaction