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The role of the adult in promoting creativity

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore:

What is creativity?

Delegates will discuss what creativity means to them, compared to ‘Dictionary definitions’ – and how we might define this within an early years context.

Taking stock

Delegates will identify where they feel their practice is currently through discussion, assessing their strengths and where there might be areas for development.

Conditions that enable creativity - adult focus

Delegates discuss and identify conditions such as interested adults, make links with characteristics of effective teaching and learning, through clips of exemplar practice. Delegates will explore the concept of sustained shared thinking and complete an audit of their own provision.

Conditions which support creativity - enabling environments

Delegates will reflect on what an enabling environment means in practice, exploring photographs of learning environments for inspiration and linked to the characteristics. They can also complete an audit of their own environment and how this could be further enhanced.

The nature of play

Delegates will explore what is play and the stages of play through discursive elements and video footage, to develop a further understanding the benefits and types of play that may be going on in their setting.

There will be opportunities for development planning based on the day's topics.

Learning intention:

  • To be able to audit provision and assess how well the environment and the adults support creativity
  • To be able to articulate the conditions which will promote high levels of creativity.
  • To have a clear pathway to making developments

Trainer: Caroline Eaton

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