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The Role of the Adult in Supporting Children’s Learning

Drawing on research with children from 6 months to 6 years, this course aims to make more explicit the strategies that are used when effective practitioners support children’s learning and extend their thinking. Using extensive DVD material, the course will examine how and when to intervene in order to promote learning and will explore, in particular, the difference between the role of practitioners in supporting adult-led and child-led learning. 

This course will:

  • consider the importance of the learning environment as a context for adult-child interactions;
  • examine how adults tune in to children’s current thinking in order to support and extend that thinking further;
  • consider whether there are times when intervention becomes interference;
  • exemplifying different strategies for consolidating and challenging thinking in both adult-led and child-led situations;
  • explore the personal attributes of those practitioners who are effective in supporting children’s thinking

Trainer: Julie Fisher

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Adult-led & child-led learning