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STEAM and STEM in the early years

When we think about science, technology, engineering and maths with or without the inclusion of the arts, we can often begin to single out these disciplines as isolated subjects. Instead, this course considers how we can weave these disciplines together in transdisciplinary ways that create rich, deep and broad-based opportunities for investigation and experimentation that also creates new conceptual or theoretical ideas stemming from this entanglement of elements.  STEM/STEAM is also a way of cultivating creativity and critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and language and communication skills but most of all is rooted in playful experiences that connect the mind with the body.  

During the session, small case studies of practice will illustrate and help us to consider and reflect on:

  • What lies beneath these different terms and disciplines regarding skills and concepts, and how can we as educators engage with them with our young children?
  • What are we doing already that contributes to STEM/STEAM?
  • How we can use an enquiry-based stance to develop interests and to provoke learning and interest in the development of understanding in STEM/STEAM?
  • How do we plan and resource opportunities for STEM/STEAM in the ways we make choices about materials and tools that ‘speak’ directly of experimentation and discovery, that continues beyond continuous provision to an enhanced place involving design thinking?
  • How do we begin and start with STEM/STEAM to develop cognitive skills whilst reflecting, responding to and designing rich and playful contexts for learning? 

Trainer: Debi Keyte-Hartland

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