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From Strength to Strength

Given half a chance children relish the opportunity to skip along, slide, twirl, dance, climb and jump, driven by a need to move in every way imaginable.

How can we actively support their physical development, and make the most of this boundless energy?

This course is a practical session with plenty of fun ideas to use both indoors and out.

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognise the importance of movement and dance opportunities for young children in the development of firm sensory and motor foundations.
  • Explore the connections between physical movement and brain development, and how this contributes to cognitive, social, emotional, creative and  physical development, and to good health and long term wellbeing.
  • Understand and value the richness of children’s playful explorations of movement, and their creative play.
  • Look at children as meaning makers and communicators through story and image.
  • Makie connections with later learning skills
  • Look at rough and tumble play
  • Consider risk, and keeping children safe as they play and grow.

Observation tools

The session will include practical exercises (so come suitably dressed to move), small group work, whole group discussion, video and DVD presentations, and case studies.

This course covers from two to four years.

Trainer: Jasmine Pasch

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Physical development and movement play