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Supporting children’s speech, language and communication through developing high quality language rich environments

The aim of this course is to support practitioners working with children aged two, three and four, to develop high quality language rich environments, in order to support children to become confident and effective communicators.

During this session, participants will have opportunities to:

  • consider how to develop high quality language rich environments and to identify the key features of a ‘communication friendly’ environment
  • examine the role of the adult in supporting children’s communication and language
  • consider how everyday routines and experiences can be maximised, to support children’s language development, including a wide range of practical ideas and strategies 
  • develop an understanding of how to monitor children’s progress and how to plan for adult initiated and child initiated opportunities to support  language development
  • explore a range of ways to involve parents in their children’s learning
  • reflect on their current practice and identify ‘next steps’ to develop and improve practice further

Trainer: Penny Cartwright

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Communication and Language