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Supporting Communication and Language Development

One of the key developments for practitioners in the revised EYFS has been making Communication and Language a distinct and prime area of learning.  But how can we best support all children’s development in communicating? This course builds on Vicky’s experience of Every Child a Talker, and in particular her expertise in EAL and working with young children becoming bilingual.  Vicky is happy to run this course with a particular focus on children learning EAL.

The course will help you:

  • understand of how children’s language and communication develops
  • build a wealth of practical strategies to get conversations flowing with young children
  • consider how we can support the development of young children’s ‘language for thinking’
  • discuss effective ways of involving parents in supporting their children’s language development
  • develop a whole team approach to improving adult child interactions

Trainer: Vicky Hutchin

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Bilingual Learning
Communication and Language
Supporting children with English as an Additional Language