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Telling Stories: Making Dances (Expressive and Creative Dance)

Children have many ways of communicating their meaning and intention with their bodies, of “talking with the body” and telling their stories. Body movement is a child’s first language, and so dance and story are intertwined from the start.

“We sing before we talk, we dance before we walk”  – P. Grendrad

This course is a practical session with plenty of fun ideas, so please come suitably dressed to move.

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore stories and ideas to stimulate children’s imaginations, and from which we can make simple dances together in a variety of styles.
  • Recognise the importance of movement and dance opportunities for young children in the development of firm sensory and motor foundations.
  • Explore the connections between physical movement and brain development, and how this contributes to cognitive, social, emotional, creative and  physical development, and to good health and long term wellbeing.
  • Make connections with the characteristics of effective learning
  • Engage with a film of children dancing, drawing, making sculptures and expressing their ideas.

Observation tools

The session will include practical exercises, partner work, discussion and case studies.

This course covers from three to five years.

Trainer: Jasmine Pasch

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Creative Dance
songs, drama, movement and stories