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Two Year Olds Outdoors: Aiming for Excellent Provision & Practice

Course outline and objectives

Ample outdoor provision is crucial for two year-olds.  An understanding of appropriate and high quality provision outdoors is critical in developing services that best support these children to thrive and grow.  Appropriate provision and practice outdoors must draw on a deep knowledge of the interests and developmental needs of very young children. Using new film material of two year-olds outdoors and images of outdoor provision from across the UK and abroad, this course will:                        

  • articulate  a clear rationale for the role of outdoor provision for two year olds;
  • investigate what two year-olds notice and are interested in outside and what they need and want to do outdoors;
  • explore outdoor provision that meets developmental needs and offers high quality experiences;
  • consider the role of adults in supporting rich outdoor experiences for two-year-olds. 

Audience: Heads, Owners/Managers, Children’s Centre teachers, Practitioners leading provision for children from birth to three, Advisory teachers and Lecturers in Early Childhood Education

Trainer: Jan White

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Two year olds