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Using a Provision Map

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to:

“The use of provision maps can help SENCOs to maintain an overview of the programmes and interventions used with different groups of pupils and provide a basis for monitoring the levels of intervention” (SEND Code of Practice 2015 point 6.76).

Provision maps are a useful tool to plan provision across the setting and review the impact of interventions. They can be used successfully both in schools and PVI settings.

During the course, we will draft a provision map, taking into account cohorts of children, high and low incidence SEN in the setting, budget constraints and deployment of staff.

At the end of the course participants will have a working document which could be adapted to their own specific context.

Links to Early Years and SEND guidance: SEND Code of Practice 2015 (‘Use of Data and Record Keeping’ points 6.72-6.78).

Audience: SENCOs in Early Years PVI Settings and Schools

Trainer: Carla Cornelius

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Inclusion and SEND