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Visual Thinking: Children Communicating Their Ideas and Theories

Aims and objectives:

A course with aims of highlighting the importance of children’s visual arts and the links between their representation of signs and symbolic concepts in their making of images and models.  Participants will leave with increased knowledge to enable richer observations through being able to understand better the visual arts and meaning making activities of their own children and increase the frequency in which their children make their thinking visible.

•   Discover what visual thinking is, what it looks like, what promotes it, and which learning situations support it

•   Explore ways that children express their ideas and theories about the world

Leave with ideas of how to support your own children to make their thinking visible

Audience:  All educators and leaders working in ECE interested in finding out more about children’s graphicacy and the ways they express thinking visually.

Trainer: Debi Keyte-Hartland

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language, communication and thinking
Thinking skills and creativity in Early Childhood