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What Do Children’s Brains and Bodies Really Need?

Children are “full of it” and leave us in no doubt that we need a lot of energy to keep up with them as they move, play and dance. There are very good reasons for this, and the workshop will explore why children move in the ways that they do at the different stages of their development.

This workshop will allow delegates/parents to:

  • Recognise the importance of movement, dance and play opportunities for young children in the development of firm sensory and motor foundations.
  • Explore the connections between physical movement and brain development, and how this contributes to cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development, and to good health and long term wellbeing.
  • Make connections with later learning skills needed for school.
  • Remind parents of their own childhood play experiences.
  • Think about risk, and risk/benefit

This course covers from birth to five years.

Trainer: Jasmine Pasch

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Brain development and the impact of Early experiences