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Who Leads the Learning? Supporting both adult-led and child-led learning

This course will enable practitioners to reflect on the different purposes, expectations and outcomes of adult-led and child-led learning. Using extensive DVD material in nursery, reception and key stage 1 classes, it will explore the different benefits of adult led and child-led learning for both children and practitioners. It will consider how both ways of learning are assessed and how these assessments feed into planning. It will also explore how the role of the practitioner changes when the purpose of an activity is planned by that practitioner as opposed to being planned by the child.

Delegates will:

  • reflect on the differences between adult-led and child-led learning – from the perspective of the adult and the child
  • consider why and how these two ways of learning should exist alongside each other in the classroom
  • explore how to observe and assess both adult-led and child-led learning and how to use those assessments to inform planning
  • examine the role of the adult in supporting and extending children’s thinking in both adult-led and child-led situations
  • observe DVD material to analyse how a range of practitioners make the most of both learning situations
Trainer: Julie Fisher


Adult-led & child-led learning