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We do the research, so that you don't have to. We know you don't have time to spend finding articles, research and papers for your personal pedagogical development, your teams or colleagues. 

We trawl the internet for you. Practitioners and leaders tell us they love our teaching newsletters because we collect so many early years, pedagogically relevant and current articles to share.

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The aim of our newsletters is to provide quality links to articles, podcasts and media to enhance and challenge your CPD specifically around leadership and practice in early years and the EYFS. They are specially selected to challenge or stimulate your pedagogical thinking, to inspire and to help you reflect on your current practice. They contain active links to

  • pedagogical articles
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  • pieces that help you to reflect, relax and listen to something that might open your mind to new thinking

Every month they are full of variety.

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All practitioners, teachers and leaders in early years are forever growing and learning - we commit ourselves to reflective practice, learning alongside eachother and the children we work with. We seek to be the best we can be for their teaching and learning. We find ways to always enhance and reflect on the delivery of the EYFS to help every child learn fully and thrive.

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We source the material so that you don't have to. In your busy working lives, there is not always time to find the information you would like so we do it for you. 

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You can find out more about our charity using this link. Subscribing means that you support your setting and others in continuing to pioneer and lobby for high quality early education in the UK. Our principles booklet is one of our most popular pedagogical documents on our website and our EYFS resource: Development matters is always being referred to and downloaded by practitioners. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our pedagogical community of professionals and welcome your feedback for content and research of articles. Do get in touch with me on Twitter: @earlyed_cathy

Cathy Gunning

(Pedagogic Lead)