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I am two! & Foundations of being Combo-Pack

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The following combo-pack includes two great books at one discounted price.

I am two! explores what it is like to work with 2-year olds, in terms of their personal, social and emotional development; communication and language and physical development, their behaviour, and identifying developmental delay or emerging SEND. It covers the Progress Check at age two, as well as how to work with parents to support the learning and development of children in the home environment. It includes multi-disciplinary working, as well as the role of health in early childhood, so as to support practitioners to work with the parents of 2-year-olds, and emphasise the impact of early intervention. 

Foundations of being starts from the principle that young children’s emotional, personal, and social development is fundamental to all other areas of development and learning, as within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in England as one of the 'prime areas. This book aims to enable early years practitioners to think deeply about these fundamental issues by introducing and illustrating some of the key ideas and theories that relate to personal, social and emotional development. These ideas are helpfully illustrated through case studies that make strong links between theory, individual children’s development and daily practice in early years settings.

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I am two! Working effectively with two year olds and their families
Foundations of being: understanding young children's emotional, personal and social development