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Reach For the Sky!: Inspiring young writers in the EYFS

Aims and objectives - Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Hear about the key elements that have impacted so significantly on children’s writing in the local authority Kym has worked in for 15 years, resulting in it becoming one of the highest achieving for outcomes at the end of the EYFS.
  • Explore the developmental stages of mark making and writing and the key elements needed to become a confident and effective early writer.
  • Consider the types of meaningful mark making and writing experiences that make sense to children and enhance their play rather than curtail it.
  • Share effective strategies for providing challenge and inspiration through everyday play experiences which incorporate the passions and preoccupations of young children.
  • Consider what makes an effective and enabling environment for supporting children’s writing development and see many visual images that illustrate this.

Trainer: Kym Scott

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Boys' writing
Early mark making into writing
Early reading and early writing
Early writing