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Learning Together About Learning project dissemination events

Supporting effective use of Early Years Pupil Premium

Early Education received funding from the Department for Education for a project to support and evaluate strategies for implementing the Early Years Pupil Premium. Our aim was to find out how to help the early years sector make the best possible use of the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP), and to demonstrate the impact it can have. 

We held six dissemination events around England where participants from our 15 pilot local networks share what they have learnt about how to close the gap for children eligible for EYPP, how to make best use of the funds, and how to provide evidence of impact for Ofsted.  The local networks have run in 15 local authority areas in England, under the umbrella of the national project, as collaborative ventures between PVI settings, primary and nursery schools.

About the events

Each event included the following:

  • Knowledge cafe: Hear from fellow practitioners, from a range of local authorities, about how they have prioritised their spending, worked collaboratively, measured impact and overcome their challenges.
  • Keynote speaker: each event will have a keynote speaker talking about key topics which are an important focus for spending EYPP funding.
  • Networking opportunities: meet and share ideas with other delegates

Event handouts