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Final response to Primary Assessment consultation

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Wednesday, 21 June, 2017

You can now download our final response to the government's consultation on Primary Asessment.  

We welcome the government's intention to keep the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.  We believe it could be improved by the inclusion of the Characteristics of Effective Learning, and a broader based approach that does not skew attention towards literacy and numeracy.  We recommend that the Early Learning Goals for literacy and numeracy should be amended to make these more age appropriate, and that the so-called "Good Level of Development" should be re-thought.

We strongly oppose the introduction of baseline assessment in reception for accountability purposes, because of the distorting effects of high stakes accountability on the curriculum, the time taken away from getting children settled into the reception year and the absence of evidence that a reliable and accurate assessment at 4 can be designed.

Every response to the consultation counts, so we urge you to respond directly to the consultation. The consultation is open until 5pm on 22 June 2017.  If you only have a few minutes to respond, see the quick response guide from The Better Without Baseline campaign